Jiawen Huang



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Jiawen is a PhD student at the UKRI CDT in AI and Music (AIM CDT) at Centre for Digital Music, Queen Mary University of London. Her PhD topic is lyrics alignment and transcription, which aims at recognising and aligning the lyrics of music. Her research interest lies in music information retrieval topics, especially singing voice analysis, performance assessment and mashup generation. 

Research interests

Given the lyrics to a song, audio-to-lyrics alignment aims at identifying for each lyric the corresponding position in a recording of the song. Providing time-aligned lyrics makes it easier to navigate through vocal music and enhance the listening experience. One of the open questions for lyrics alignment is that most of the existing systems cannot operate in real-time, because their alignment algorithms need the whole recording to process. Real-time application of lyrics alignment would allow the audience to enjoy live music performance. During the scheme, she is interested in developing a real-time lyrics alignment system.