Jiawen Liang



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Jiawen is a PhD student in Finance at the University of Glasgow, supervised by Cathy Chen and Bowei Chen. Her research interests are robo-advisors, machine learning, financial management and investment. With the use of advanced reinforcement learning methods, she aims to develop robo-advisors, and solve financial issues. She would like to collaborate with other researchers in finance, economics, machine learning and big data. She is also a member of the investment advisory committee at the University of Glasgow.

Research interests

Her Turing related research is about improving the performance and accelerating the learning efficiency of robo-advisors in the presence of rare disasters. Rare disasters such as the COVID-19 pandemic characterize a low probability of occurrence and a dramatic impact on the financial market. Robo-advisors stumble in the COVID-19 outbreak compared to the preceding period. Her research aims to tackle this unsatisfied issue and delivers solutions to robo-advisors. Her work makes a significant contribution because it fills the gap in the literature on robo-advising and rare disasters.