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Jiayu is a doctorate student at Sustainable Design Group, University of Cambridge. Her PhD works on understanding the future of workspace with data-driven design approaches. She is broadly interested in the application of artificial intelligence and machine learning in architectural modelling, environmental engineering and urban spatial data analysis. She completed her MPhil in Architecture and Urban Studies degree at University of Cambridge with a distinction in 2020 and her BSc in Urban Planning, Design and Management degree at UCL with first-class honours in 2019. 

Research interests

Jiayu’s Turing research project investigates the design for future workspace by studying the occupancy pattern and developing simulation and predictions in the flexible working setting. As the hybrid working is increasingly popular after the pandemic, the office design needs to be evolved with the rising demands. Based on the hypothesis that the design of space can shape the activities around the space, it is believed that the change of office design parameters could influence on how occupants use the office space, while this pattern in the hybrid work setting remains to be understood. Agent-based modelling is applied to simulate how occupants move and stay around the office space with probabilistic modelling. It leads to the derivation of an index based on the identified design parameters, like the location of interest points, ventilation, daylight and privacy. The output will contribute to the development of an office design guideline for various working scenarios to inform data-driven policies.