Lucy Godson



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Lucy Godson completed a BSc. in Biochemistry with industrial experience at the University of Manchester (2018). During her undergraduate degree, she spent a year working on a clinical research project in a cancer immunology lab at the Mayo Clinic, Florida. Following this she carried out a final year project in computational biology, using machine learning to predict protein-protein interactions and protein functions in the model organism S. cerevisiae. 

Lucy joined the CDT for Artificial Intelligence for Medical Diagnosis and Care, as a PhD student in October 2019. She is supervised by Dr Ali Gooya, Dr Navid Alemi, Dr Jeremie Nsengimana and Professor Graham Cook. 

Research interests

Melanoma is the most aggressive form of skin cancer and the fifth most common type of cancer in the UK. Two of the key challenges in melanoma research are determining early-stage prognostic markers and stratifying patients for effective treatments. Lucy's project aims to use artificial intelligence and machine learning methodologies to integrate multi-modal melanoma patient data, such as genetic, cellular and clinical data, to improve on current prognostic tools.