Russell Martin



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Russell Martin is a PhD candidate at Leeds University Business School. His research interests are in people analytics, with a current focus on using machine learning with large workforce data sets to understand how careers unfold for underrepresented/disadvantaged groups.

Research interests

Russell is researching the ways that occupational segregation in the NHS negatively impacts the careers of underrepresented/disadvantaged groups - and how this changing over time. Segregation is thought to arise from job and labour queues, which are explained to some extent by cultural capital and homophily theory. He is using an intersectional approach for analysis, which offers greater precision than single-axis analyses, such as looking at gender without ethnicity. The data set constitutes detailed information of Europe's largest internal labour market over the last 10 years and offers a unique opportunity to quantitatively examine some of the factors contributing to queues. He hopes to use machine learning techniques to uncover nonlinear relationships that would otherwise be missed.