Samuel Tonks



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Samuel is a PhD candidate in the School of Computer Science at the University of Birmingham under the supervision of Iain Styles and Alexander Krull. His research interests lie in developing machine learning based, computer vision approaches to help scientists understand images from a wide range of imaging systems within drug discovery. He aims to improve our understanding of large quantities of data that are generated when imaging multiple samples over time while also combining information from across the modalities and time points to summarise the data in a form that can be qualitatively and quantitively interpreted by a human expert. In particular he is interested in developing advancements in generative modelling to learn to map information across modalities. 

Research interests

The majority of his time at the Turing is spent working on the SciVision project within the Data Science for Science and Humanities program. The goal of the project is to facilitate interdisciplinary collaboration, through the unification of models and data sets from different scientific disciplines into a python-based computer vision framework.