Timothy Sum Hon Mun

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Timothy is a PhD student in the Blackledge Lab at the Institute of Cancer Research and part of the Radiotherapy and Imaging Department at the Royal Marsden Hospital. His research interests are on the application of interpretable and reliable AI in the medical imaging domain for cancer research focused on soft tissue sarcomas. His research is funded as part of the international Sarcoma Accelerator, funded by Cancer Research UK, which will collect one of the largest repositories of multi-center sarcoma datasets.

Research interests

Soft tissue sarcomas (STS) are rare tumours arising in connective tissues and can occur almost anywhere in the body. Approximately 50% of patients will relapse following surgery developing both local tumour re-growth and distant metastatic disease, which will significantly reduce patient survival. Surgeries are highly invasive leading to poor patient quality of life and functional impairment. It is therefore important that we develop techniques that can help decide on which patients are most likely to relapse following surgery so that preventative measures can be adopted early on.  His research with Turing Institute will be to develop a model for predicting whether a patient with STS is likely to relapse following surgery by combining medical imaging data with other modalities using novel deep-learning (DL) approaches.