Victoria Smith



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Victoria is an Enrichment Student and a PhD student at the UKRI AI Enabled Healthcare Systems CDT at University College London (UCL). Her research consists of natural language processing (NLP) and text mining for information extraction in biomedical literature. Victoria's background lies in Neuroscience, achieving her MSci from UCL where her research focused on immune cell gene expression in Alzheimer's Disease. Victoria is excited by how NLP and machine learning techniques can be used to ultimately improve health outcomes. 

Research interests

Victoria's research focuses on automating information extraction of pharmacometric data from the literature using natural languages processing and machine learning approaches. She aims to produce a centralised and standardised pharmacometric database to improve predictions in drug discovery and for special populations in the clinic. Victoria's research focuses on text classification, named-entity recognition, entity linking and relation extraction for biomedical text and tables (semi-structured). In particular, Victoria is interested in text data augmentation, synthetic data creation to cope with imbalanced data and active learning to improve performance on poorly labelled data.