Wole Ademola Adewole



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Wole Ademola is currently a PhD student at the University of Southampton under the supervision of Andy Tatem. He has a Bachelor's degree in Urban Planning from the University of Lagos, and a Masters degree in Applied Geographical Information System and Remote Sensing from the University of Southampton. He has worked previously as a GIS consultant for Flowminder foundation on the GRID3 project to support African countries in exploring how data driven insight can aid Government interventions. He has also worked with other organisations in producing city masterplans. His collective work experience and academic background has contributed to his research focus which is settlement classification and population mapping. 

Research interests

Wole Ademola's research focuses on improving settlement classification models by exploring building characteristics data especially in urban areas. He will be leveraging an administrative building dataset of more than 100,000 georeferenced buildings to develop a machine learning method capable of classifying building based on their characteristics such as height, use, area, shape. The outcome of this will support and improve small area population estimation models particularly for Low and Middle Income Countries (LMICs).