Yuanchao Li



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Yuanchao is a PhD student at the Centre for Speech Technology Research, University of Edinburgh. He is working on semi-supervised learning for multimodal speech and emotion recognition and its application in the detection of depression and Alzheimer's disease. Before starting his PhD, Yuanchao worked in the industry for three years. He was a key member of the R&D team of "Honda Personal Assistant" and led the development of its emotional conversation function. His research interests include spoken language processing, multimodal machine learning, affective computing, digital health, and human-computer interaction.

Research interests

Yuanchao is eager to apply lab-level spoken language technologies to real-life applications. In his PhD research, he is exploring the use of features from speech recognition to help with tasks that lack labeled data, such as emotion recognition. He is also working with researchers in healthcare to explore the possibilities of large-scale speech models for disease detection. He is applying state-of-the-art fusion and semi-supervised learning methods on multimodal and unlabeled data, which is a research focus of the Turing.