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Yue Li is a PhD student in Urban Studies from Urban Big Data Centre of University of Glasgow. She gained her M.Sc. in Spatio-Temporal Analytics and Big Data Mining from University College London and B.Sc. in Environmental Science from Beijing Normal University in China.

Research interests

Yue's research aims to apply deep learning and computer vision methods to analyse and forecast the traffic flow distributions before, during, and after COVID-19 via various urban parameters and existing traffic flow data. Road characteristics, weather conditions, and other surrounding environments, such as land use/cover, nearby points of interest (POI), and street view images are considered as potential influential parameters in this research. In addition to the motorised vehicle flows, this research will analyse the cyclist and pedestrian traffic flows, which also play a crucial role in the process of urban development, providing insights for urban planning, traffic management, and resource allocation after the COVID-19 pandemic.