Yumeng Zhang



Enrichment Student

Cohort year



Yumeng is a PhD student in the Communication and Media department at Loughborough University, under the supervision of Dr Kathryn Brown and Professor Craig Richardson. She holds an MA in Arts Management and an undergraduate degree in Computer Information Systems. Her interdisciplinary background in art and computing has guided her toward her current PhD research in Artificial Intelligence and Museums. Yumeng was awarded a scholarship from the China Scholarship Council for her PhD research. Recently, she is working as a research assistant on a British Academy funded art history project led by Dr Kathryn Brown, “Sensing the Surface: A Computer Vision Analysis of Claude Monet’s Water Lily Paintings”. She has a keen interest in machine learning, natural language processing, museums and digital art.

Research interests

Yumeng is currently working on her PhD research on 'Artificial Intelligence and the Museum: Opportunities, Trends, and Tensions', where she is studying the impact and changes that the combination of art museums and artificial intelligence will bring to museums. She is researching how the combination of art museums and artificial intelligence will impact and change museums. Her research interests focus on the application and development of AI in curation, collection conservation and visitor services, as well as AI art and technology utopias.

During her time at The Alan Turing Institute, she is looking forward to gaining inspiration in the fields of art and artificial intelligence, as well as having exciting collaborations.