Enrichment Student

Cohort year



Zhiqi is currently a second-year PhD student at Bournemouth University, supervised by Xiaosong Yang and Jianjun Zhang. With the background in geometry processing and mesh denoising, her current research mainly focus on scene flow estimation based on point clouds captured from dynamic scenes.

Research interests

Zhiqi looks forward to using neural point representation to extract geometric features of point clouds and improving the performance of scene flow estimation models on both synthetic data and real data. Her ultimate goal is to make the Autonomous Vehicles armed with an intelligent perception system that can understand the surrounding environment and make response immediately. This requires the perception algorithm to be efficient enough and  perform consistently on different datasets.  During the engagement, a geometry-aware 3D scene flow estimation method based on attention mechanism without human annotations will be proposed. And an improved point cloud representation is utilized on real scenes to achieve on-par performance with synthetic dataset.