Dr Elif Ozkirimli

elif ozkirmli


Head of Data Science and Advanced Analytics - Pharma International Data and Analytics Chapter at Roche


Elif is the Head of Data Science at Pharma International Informatics at Roche. She leads a global team of data scientists that focus on understanding the patient and health care professional journeys as well as on building commercial decision support tools to achieve better patient outcomes at lower cost to society. The group builds state-of-the-art ML and advanced mathematical modeling tools to provide interpretable and trustworthy insights.

Elif has a PhD in Structural Biology from Purdue University, where she used molecular dynamics simulations to study the Src kinase activation mechanism. She later joined the Chemical Engineering Department at Bogazici University as a faculty member. Her 10 years of research spanned both experimental and computational studies on elucidating protein - compound interaction mechanisms and structure based drug design for proteins related to antimicrobial resistance and sphingolipid binding. Elif holds a BS and MS in Chemical Engineering from Bogazici University.