Imam has spent 30 years in IT, specialising in data driven AI solutions with a focus on decision intelligence and network analytics. Formerly the CTO, Founder and Board Director for BAE Systems Detica NetReveal, he grew this international team to more than 500 specialists, acquiring and integrating Norkom. Prior to Quantexa, Imam led the SAS’ EMEA/AP Financial Crime practice and was CTO at an Internet startup.

Since pioneering network analytics to fight financial crime in 2004, Imam and his team have saved billions in tax evasion and fraud across government and financial institutions. He was instrumental in setting up the Insurance Fraud Bureau’s across the globe, transforming tax evasion globally, fighting organised crime, corruption and money laundering. More recently he and his team have been helping organisations use data to increase B2B sales and improve the prediction of probability of default of businesses.