Tom Russell

portrait of tom


Technical Architect, Colouring Cities Research Programme


Tom is Technical Architect on the [Colouring Cities Research Programme]( Tom was the initial developer for [Colouring London]( and continues to contribute to the [open-source project](, working towards sustainable and reusable code that can support related research projects around the world.

Tom is based at the University of Oxford, where he works as a Senior Research Software Engineer as part of the [Oxford Programme for Sustainable Infrastructure Systems](, with a focus on water, energy, transport, communications and other infrastructure systems, developing simulation models, spatial data analysis and visualisations.

Since 2022, Tom is a Fellow of the [Software Sustainability Institute](, which supports his work on collaborative data maintenance, that is, working together to collect and maintain data, particularly on buildings and the built environment, both through the Colouring Cities Research Programme and potentially with a wider community of interest.