Alex Mansbridge

Alex Mansbridge

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Alex started his doctoral studies at The Alan Turing Institute in October 2017. He is registered at UCL. After graduating with a masters degree in Mathematics, he worked for 18 months in a risk modelling position at a major Danish Bank. Following this, he worked for two years as a senior data scientist at Under Armour Connected Fitness. Here, he worked with an accomplished team of data scientists to implement deep learning algorithms across Under Armour's suite of fitness apps, with the aim of improving the health and well being of millions of users worldwide.

Research interests

Alex’s research interests lie at the intersection of deep learning and natural language processing. His research is focused on tackling problems in the field of question answering, through the use of memory augmented neural networks. He is interested in how the concept of external memory can be used to improve the performance of neural networks, and enable them to handle information from complex graphical data structures more effectively.