Helen Oliver


Former Doctoral Student

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Helen started her doctoral studies at The Alan Turing Institute in October 2016. Helen is registered at the University of Cambridge and begun her doctoral studies after three years as a Research Associate at the University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory. She has been a researcher since 2008, and her research interests have converged at the intersection of wearable technology, narrative, privacy and innovation in the Internet of Things.

Research interests

Helen’s project focuses on the research through design of wearable technology. As more users adopt wearable technology, more data of an ever more personal nature will be generated, raising urgent questions about how that data is handled and who benefits. At the same time, the HCI aspect of these devices is endangering mainstream acceptance: there is a lack of variety in the forms and functions of wearable devices, and a need to integrate wearables into IoT ecosystems. Helen’s research seeks concrete solutions for wearable technology, and the data it generates, to benefit the individual user and society as a whole.