Abeer Yehia ElBahrawy

Abeer ElBahrawy

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Abeer is a third year PhD student in Mathematics at City, University of London under the supervision of Andrea Baronchelli. She is interested in the interplay between technological innovation and society and quantifying how technology is altering our world while we are shaping it with our beliefs. 

Currently she is focusing on decentralised systems, specifically cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies  and working on analysing the dynamics and evolution of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies market. During her masters she studied cooperation and altruism in social networks. She looked at how social networks can aid the diffusion of cooperation.

Research interests

Abeer's research interests include complex networks analysis, computational social science and blockchain technology. 

While Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies were initially created as an alternative digital currency the lack of regulations and anonymity motivated undesired activities to grow in the system.  660 million Bitcoins were sent to darknet markets in 2017 and the price fluctuations of Bitcoin caused a loss of more than $500 billion in value. Abeer is interested in providing a better understanding of these systems to ease their regulation and development.

During her PhD, Abeer worked on the global view of the market and modelled the competition between cryptocurrencies using evolutionary models approach. She also used machine learning to predict cryptocurrencies prices. 

In the last year of Abeer's PhD and during her time at the Turing, she will be using data from Bitcoin's blockchain to form a network analysis perspective to review Bitcoin transactions. Abeer is aiming to uncover the evolutionary stages of the transactions network in response to key events in the system and the market.