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Cian is a second year PhD student in the biomedical engineering department at King’s College London. He is a member of the Central for Doctoral Training in Medical Imaging and works closely in collaboration with Philips Healthcare. Previously, he studied mathematics at University College Cork with a year abroad at the University of California, Santa Barbara. During his undergraduate degree, he also worked as a research intern at the Tyndall National Institute on the numerical analysis and mathematical modelling of photonic devices. He is currently working on image analysis techniques for cardiac MRI data.

Research interests

Cardiac perfusion MRI can be used to detect blockages in patient’s coronary arteries. The examination is however not currently in widespread use as the images can be difficult to interpret and hence require extensive training to do so. Cian’s research is focused on developing techniques to automatically analyse these images. 

He is working on Bayesian inference techniques to fit kinetic models to the image data in order to estimate parameters such as blood flow. He is also working on image processing techniques using deep learning including the segmentation of anatomical regions in the images. A future goal of his is the combination of the information from the imaging examination with other patient details and risk factors to accurately predict treatment plans for the patient.