Gabriele Beltramo


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Gabriele is a PhD student in mathematics at Queen Mary University of London. He has a BSc and MSc in theoretical mathematics from the University of Turin, Italy.

During his last year of study he got interested in topological data analysis. At Turing he is interested in growing his knowledge in the field of machine learning and AI, and embed that into his research.

Research interests

Topological data analysis is a new set of tools for extracting geometric and topological features from data. This information is obtained in the form of persistence diagrams. These objects, combined with statistical techniques, have been proved useful in a number of real-world applications. Fields interested include neuroscience, object recognition, and protein compressibility.

Much work is still required to understand the interplay of topological data analysis and machine learning. Gabriele's project goal is to clarify this relation, and to improve on previous results. In the period he will spend at Turing, he will integrate machine learning methods with persistence diagrams in novel ways.