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Yun Feng is a 3rd year DPhil student in clinical medicine from University of Oxford under the supervision of Dr Chris Yau, Professor Ian Tomlinson, Dr David Church and Professor Chris Holmes. He received his BSc in biological sciences from Tsinghua University (Beijing, China) in 2016. He works on machine learning methods for analysing genomics data. He develops methods for analysing next generation sequencing data from cancer patients. 

Research interests

As the sequencing technique improves, it is much easier to get genomics data from patients and such data enables us to understand the. However, developing proper methods for studying biological processes generating cancers behind such data remains a challenging issue. Yun is mainly focusing on two aspects of analysing such data: methods for analysing mutational signatures and methods for detecting whole genome duplications. For the former, he develops a supervised classification model, in order to find out certain patterns from the mutated human genome. For the latter, he tries to build the evolution history for cancer copy number variations, to pinpoint the sequential relationship between whole genome duplication and focal copy number changes in cancer.