Andrew Elliott

Andrew Elliott


Lecturer in Statistics, University of Glasgow

Former position

Research Associate


Andrew received his PhD/DPhil from the University of Oxford under the supervision of  Professor Felix Reed-Tsochas and Professor Gesine Reinert as part of the Systems Approaches to Biomedical Sciences DTC sponsored by e-therapeutics. His thesis focused on subsampling in biological networks, exploring the structure induced by biologically motivated network sampling using computational and analytical approaches. Previously, he completed a BSc in Mathematics from Imperial College London.

Andrew joined The Alan Turing Institute as a postdoc to work on a project with Accenture to develop new approaches that improve the identification of anomalies in networks, with applications in fraud detection.

Andrew is currently Lecturer in Statistics at the University of Glasgow.

Research interests

Andrew is interested in the development of scalable network-based algorithms to solve various real-world problems, such as anomaly detection and core-periphery detection. This includes improving and extending existing methods, developing new methods to solve a wider class of problems, and applying well-understood methodologies to gain insights into new application areas.

He is interested in applying these algorithms to a wide variety of problems, from fields including biology, social sciences and physical sciences. Most recently, Andrew has worked on several projects looking at applications in financial systems, cybersecurity and urban networks.