Dr Flora Roumpani

Flora Roumpani

Former position

Research Associate

Research interests

Urban-regional planning, urban modelling and simulations, spatial analysis and visualisation. Her PhD and current work focuses on the integration of urban modelling and analytics in proceduraly generated 3D cities, for the development of online “what-if” scenarios for planning and participation.

Other research areas include remote sensing, virtual & augmented reality, IoT, as well as creative technology and interactive installations for exhibitions.

She is involved in the award winning projects “Remap Lima” for participatory mapping projects with drones, in collaboration with DPU and CASA in UCL and a network of 49 organisations from Lima, Peru; the "Little Sparks Hospital", coordinating and developing VR applications for children undergoing surgery in collaboration with NHS; as well as the CASA "Drones4Good" workshop for young people in collaboration with UCL Engineering.

Her visualisation work has been featured in several mainstream media, such as the Guardian, Fast Company, Urbanista and Archdaily. 


Achievements and awards


Provost's Engineering Engagement Award for the Drones4Good public engagement workshop, in collaboration with CASA and UCL Engineering.

AGBI Innovation in Anaesthesia Critical Care and Pain Award 2018 for the Little Journey application. By Dr. Chris Evans, Ramani Moonsinghe, Flora Roumpani, Alexandros Bertzouanis, Laura Henry.


Greek Architectural Talent 2008-2013 (GRE A T) Project title: “New Athens City Museum”. Publication: “41” Great Edition, Heracles GCCo, Athens, 2013. Design team: Roumpani Flora, Eleni Takou


Honorable Mention in OEK - SIKA European Competition 2010 for Communal Sustainable Residences. Project title: "RESI_GEN”. Design Team: Anthi Valavani, Flora Roumpani, Maria Markella Kolotourou, Alexandros Bertzouanis.


Selected work for the 5th exhibition of Greek Architecture (SANA). Publication: "Man in Space - 5th exhibition of Greek Architecture, Papasotiriou, Patras 2006". Design team: Flora Roumpani, Alexandros Berzouanis.