Florentin Goyens

Florentin Goyens


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Florentin Goyens started his doctoral studies at The Alan Turing Institute in October 2017. He is registered at the University of Oxford. Prior to this Florentin was at the Université Catholique de Louvain. After previous work with Prof. Pierre-Antoine Absil and Raphaël Jungers in Belgium, he is now completing his PhD under the supervision of Coralia Cartis (Oxford) and Armin Efthekari (Edinburgh). His research interests include nonlinear optimisation problems defined on Riemannian manifolds.

Research interests

Florentin's MSc dissertation analysed variant of quasi-Newton method for nonsmooth optimisation problems. During his PhD, he will look at various optimisation methods to solve problems defined on Riemannian manifolds. The field of Riemannian optimisation is in great expansion as it offers an alternative to nonlinear problems which are often hard to solve, and linear problems that can be simplistic models. Numerous questions in data processing and machine learning are naturally expressed as optimisation over manifolds.