George Aristidis Elder

Photo of: George Aristidis Elder


Enrichment Student

Partner Institution


George is in his second year MRC funded PhD at Queen Mary University of London. As part of the Bessant lab and Cutillas lab at Barts, he is currently focusing on novel bioinformatics applications in the field of proteomics.

Previous work at the Institute of Cancer Research on metabolomics via mass spectrometry informs his interdisciplinary approach to work. He completed his MEng degree in Biomedical Engineering at the University of Glasgow.

Research interests

Georges’ research focuses on developing logic-based models that overcome the limitations of existing tools used in phosphoproteomics. The diverse and highly complex nature of chemical phosphoproteomics research produces a high volume of data. Thus, there is unprecedented need to develop tools and methodologies to explain and rationalise these results. Using an appropriate background knowledge base and accompanying rules based model he aims to analyse, in an explainable and interpretable manner, these types of data sets.