Anjana Ahuja

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Science Writer and Columnist, Freelance & Financial Times

Anjana Ahuja is an award-winning freelance science journalist and a regular opinion writer at the Financial Times, where she covers a wide range of issues in science, tech and global health. She is particularly fascinated by the social, political and ethical implications of research. Recent articles have covered a global bill of AI rights, radical life extension and the controversial sponsorship of climate science exhibitions by fossil fuel companies.

In early January 2020, she was one of the first UK journalists to chronicle a worrying new respiratory virus in Wuhan. She is co-author, with Sir Jeremy Farrar, of the 2021 bestseller Spike: the Virus Versus the People, an insider account of the Covid-19 pandemic that was chosen by The Times as its science book of the year. She is a trustee at the charity Sense About Science, which champions the use of evidence in policymaking. She is also a member of Speakers For Schools, an organisation that links leading professionals with state school pupils, and a former school governor. She has been invited to debate at both Oxford and Cambridge Unions, and regularly chairs or participates in public events and discussions. She has a PhD in space physics from Imperial College London.