Professor Benjamin Joachimi

Benjamin Photo


Professor of Astrophysics, University College London

Benjamin Joachimi is a Professor of Astrophysics in the Department of Physics and Astronomy at University College London and a core member of the Cosmoparticle Initiative. His research addresses some of the major open questions in fundamental physics: How did structure in the Universe form and evolve and what role does dark matter play in this? What is the cause of the recent accelerated expansion of the Universe? Is Einstein's theory of gravity correct on the largest cosmological scales? 

He plays leading roles in developing, running and analysing some of the largest and deepest galaxy surveys ever undertaken, such as the ESO Kilo-Degree Survey, the ESA Euclid Mission, the DESI Survey, the Legacy Survey of Space and Time and the PAU Survey.

Benjamin received a Royal Astronomical Society Winton Award and an STFC Ernest Rutherford Fellowship. He leads the departmental equality, diversity and inclusion work and serves on the management team of UCL's doctoral training centre for data-intensive science and the Centre for Data-Intensive Science and Industry.