Emma Bland

Emma Bland Photo


Associate Professor of Practice, Environment, Health and Wellbeing, University of Exeter

Emma Bland is a founding member of the Centre and provides strategic and administrative leadership. Throughout Emma’s career, she has been interested in how people are impacted, and impact their environment, and associated issues of equity and wellbeing. Emma has considerable experience in building trans-disciplinary research projects across public, private, and not-for-profit sectors to explore the complex interplay between these areas. Working to build strategic alliances and influence policy, Emma has led a number of initiatives that have informed strategic decision-making and have delivered several ambitious projects.

Emma’s current interests include eHealth and digital inclusion, climate change and health adaptation, healthy ageing and workplace health. Following degrees in environmental biology and soil conservation, Emma first worked in sustainable development before moving to the higher education sector. She joined the Medical School in 2004, since when she has built cross-sector strategic partnerships, helping to developing health and wellbeing research capacity to address 21st century challenges.