Dr. Gabriel Weymouth



Professor of Ship Hydrodynamics, Delft University of Technology

Dr. Gabriel Weymouth is the Professor of Ship Hydrodynamics at Delft University of Technology and Co-Lead of the Marine and Maritime Data-Centric Engineering Group at the Alan Turing Institute in London. He has held positions at University of Southampton, the Singapore MIT Alliance for Research and Technology, and MIT. 

Gabriel's research spans computational methods for ship hydromechanics, biologically inspired engineering and physics-informed machine learning. He develops world-leading methodologies for computational fluid mechanics and consults for leading software developers in that field, including in the reliable integration of machine learning into mechanics software. A list of open source research software and educational projects can be found at his website http://weymouth.github.io/. Gabriel and his students have received research and teaching awards, as well as a Guinness Book World Record in underwater robotics.