Inés Cámara Leret

Ines Photo


Artist, The New Real

Inés Cámara Leret (b.1990, Madrid) lives and works in London and Madrid. Cámara Leret is inspired by the transformative nature of materials, the methodologies used to understand these and the relations that arise. Exploring life through that which is unseen, portrayed as static or seemingly ephemeral, Cámara Leret works across disciplines. In doing so, Cámara Leret nurtures long-term collaborations that create expanded networks and bridge traditional and academic ways of knowing.

Cámara Leret has developed works in a variety of environments, from labs to museums, and produced work across multiple scales, from micro-sculptures to experiential installations and walks. Recent exhibitions include: Photosphere at Somerset House London, (2019), Theretofor at Copperfield Gallery (2020); Weather the Weather as part of Being Human Festival (2020). Cámara Leret has been an artist in residence at Somerset House Studios (2015-2018); MUSAC (2017) and at King’s College London (2019-2020).