Ingrid Udd Sundvor

Ingrid Udd Photo


CEO, Project Access International

Ingrid Udd Sundvor joined Project Access, a global non-profit enabling disadvantaged students into leading universities, in 2018 when she founded the Norwegian branch of the organisation. For four years, Ingrid has dedicated most of her time to Project Access as it deeply connects with her vision for a better and fairer world for all, wherein education is the key. In Project Access, she built the foundations of the Talent structures and redefined how they work with culture and community.

She was also the first CEO to develop a bottom-up strategy process resulting in the first-ever 3 year strategy focussing on horizontal growth, financial sustainability and a deep rooted product development. Ingrid also engage in various other topics around sustainable development through more academic research, political engagement and other start-up initiatives. She has a BSc in Philosophy, Politics and Econonmics from King’s College London. Besides her CEO role, she is currently a MSc student in Environmental Change and Management at University of Oxford.