Dr Jean Louis Fendji

Jean Louis Fendji Photo


Research Director of Innovative Technologies, AfroLeadership

Dr. Jean Louis Fendji is Research Director focusing on Innovative Technologies at AfroLeadership. He is the Project Manager of the Advancing Data Justice Research and Practice Project, with The  Alan Turing Institute as a member of AfroLeadership, which is a pilot partner of the project. Under AfroLeadership, he currently leads a project funded by APC on the Development of a Regulatory Framework Proposal for Community Networks in Francophone countries in Africa, to foster the development of community networks in order to connect the unconnected in rural Francophone Africa.

In addition, he is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Ngaoundere in Cameroon working with students on AI-related topics, and a consultant for several local and international organisations. He has been working in ICT4D, designing cost-effective wireless networks for rural areas with the support of the German Cooperation GIZ, when he realised the importance of relevant services for rural communities and the potential of AI to solve local challenges. He then started working on AI for agriculture, education, and health. Afterwards, he quickly faced the issue of Algorithmic bias and data justice because of several reasons, including technical limitations, lack of data, cultural and social challenges. He recently co-facilitated the forum on Youth and Artificial Intelligence organized by UNESCO in Cameroon.