Professor Laure Zanna



Professor in Mathematics & Atmosphere/Ocean Science, New York University

Laure Zanna is a Professor in Mathematics & Atmosphere/Ocean Science at the Courant Institute, New York University. Her research focuses on the dynamics of the climate system and the main emphasis of her work is to study the influence of the ocean on local and global scales. She is interested in the role of the ocean dynamics in shaping patterns of ocean heat and carbon storage and sea level under climate change and in the development of physics-aware machine learning models to deepen our understanding of climate processes and their representation in climate models.

Laure was the recipient of the 2020 Nicholas P. Fofonoff Award from the American Meteorological Society “For exceptional creativity in the development and application of new concepts in ocean and climate dynamics”. She is the lead principal investigator of the NSF-NOAA Climate Process Team on Ocean Transport and Eddy Energy, and M2LInES - an international effort to improve climate models with scientific machine learning. She currently serves as an editor for the Journal of Climate, a member on the International CLIVAR Ocean Model Development Panel and on the CESM Advisory Board.