Lindsay Edwards is VP and Head of AI for Respiratory and Immunology at AstraZeneca. Originally a specialist in systems biology, he joined GlaxoSmithKline in 2014 from the Physiology faculty at King’s College London. He started GSK’s first Data Science group, was Head of Respiratory Data Sciences, Global Head of Respiratory Digital, Data and Analytics, then VP and Head of AI/ML for the UK and Europe before becoming VP of AI/ML Engineering under Kim Branson.

He joined AstraZeneca in 2020. His background spans machine learning, data science and bioinformatics as well as human physiology, metabolic biochemistry and metabolomics. His interests currently centre on the use of well-engineered machine learning systems to bring transformational change to drug discovery; he has built and run several high-performing machine learning teams in pharma.

He holds a DPhil in Physiology from Oxford, has published more than 40 articles in peer-reviewed journals and is an accomplished public speaker. Alongside his role at AstraZeneca, he is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Biology, was a member of the scientific strategy board of the Xtreme Everest Project and is a Google SciFoo alumnus. Before becoming a scientist, he was a successful musician and record producer and counts a number of UK Top Ten singles and multiple platinum albums to his credit.