Richard was inspired by the writings of Dickson Despommier and Jeremy Rifkin while studying film at Middlesex University. He felt strongly about the catastrophic trajectory the planet was on, with its carbon-based infrastructure, and decided that he should play an active part in changing the way things were done for the better. “Like a lot of people, I was fascinated by the history of London and there was a lot of work going on underground at the time, with Crossrail for instance. I started looking at the history of that and for my final thesis I produced a film on the future of cities, with a focus on growing populations and the future of food.”

A conversation on the subject with old school friend Steven Dring turned into further conversations, which then turned into a business plan and the birth of Zero Carbon Food. It was very much a case of “if we don’t do it, who will?”. With almost 10 years of experience involved in every aspect of the industry, from preliminary technology and growing tests to high-level strategic planning, Richard is as passionate as ever about the sustainability cause and has become a respected voice on the topic, giving a TEDx talk and appearing on various panel discussions in the UK and abroad.