Dr. Vishal Gulati is a venture capital investor focusing on companies at the intersection of data and health sciences. As a partner at Draper Esprit, a leading European venture capital firm, he led investments and serves on the boards of Evonetix, Fluidic Analytics, Clue, Push Doctor, Lifesum, Ieso Digital Health and Horizon Discovery. He is also an investor in Zoe, Kheiron Medical, Arctoris and Quit Genius. Vishal has played an active role in translating high quality academic research into successful commercial enterprises in Europe. He continues to do this by helping organisations such as Oxford Sciences Innovation, the British Heart Foundation and Cancer Research UK (world’s largest funder of cancer research) identify the most promising science in their portfolios that can have real world applications. Prior to this, Vishal worked at Atlas Venture and The Wellcome Trust. Vishal trained as a medical doctor and a clinician scientist and received his postgraduate medical training in the UK at the Nuffield Department of Medicine (Oxford) and Department of Medicine (Imperial College, London) as a Rhodes Scholar.