Xilin Jiang is a statistical geneticist working on the genetic architecture of complex diseases and its implications in clinical practice. Specifically, his research focuses on constructing risk factors using many variables that each have a small effect on diseases. The variables include genotype data, proteomic data, gene expression data and hospitalisation data (EHR). Xilin likes to think of disease as a stochastic process and disease risk on the “liability” scale. In statistical terminology, his research involves Bayesian inference for high dimensional data, longitudinal analysis and causal inference.

Xilin gained his DPhil in Genomic Medicine and Statistics from Oxford University, funded by a Rhodes Scholarship and a Wellcome Trust studentship and delivered the scholar address (name for a student speech delivered at the scholarship graduating ceremony) for the Rhodes scholar class of 2017. At the beginning of Pandemic, he worked as a consultant to the Gates Foundation and China CDC. Prior to his DPhil, Xilin worked on neural imaging modelling, analysing both structure and functional MRI data.