Dr Nikolaos Nikitas



Data-Centric Engineering Group Leader

Partner Institution


Dr Nikolaos Nikitas is an Associate Professor in Structural Dynamics and Engineering in the School of Civil Engineering, University of Leeds and a group leader in the Data Centric Engineering programme (i.e. Bridges) at the Alan Turing Institute.

He has worked on monitoring and/or dynamic analysis of landmark/major bridges (the Clifton Suspension Bridge, UK; the Ting Kau Bridge, Hong Kong; the Oresund Bridge, Sweden-Denmark) and is the full-scale monitoring leader in the latest UKCRIC multi-million grant (EP/P017169/1) and the associated Leeds Centre for Infrastructure Materials.

He holds a PhDs on Bridge Aerodynamics (from the University of Bristol; funded by EPSRC) and a PhD on Mechanics of Materials (from the University of Edinburgh;  funded as a Marie Curie Early Career Researcher).

Research interests

Nikolaos’ research focuses on experimental and theoretical dynamics and particularly the study of complex interactions that arise almost in every problem engineering. Explicit practical engineering questions he aims to address are relevant to: i) environmental effects on structures; ii) optimal structural control; iii) application of hybrid sensor systems for monitoring; and iv) modelling crowd dynamics.