Allaine Cerwonka is Director of Turing International and Associate Director of the AI for Science & Government Programme (ASG).

Allaine has been at the Institute since 2017, providing senior leadership in the development and delivery of large-scale data science and machine learning programmes. She is the Associate Director of the five-year research programme, AI for Government & Science (ASG); a UKRI funded programme, the ASG is adapting data science and machine learning to the needs of the public sector and discovery science in order to provide greater resilience to their systems and practices, be they research, clinical, or governmental.

Allaine is also the Director of Turing’s International agenda. As such, she is working with colleagues across the Institute (including the Research & Innovation Advisory Committee) to develop and deliver Turing’s ambitions for international research. This agenda aims in part to ensure that the Turing helps fulfil the advice of the UK AI Council’s AI Roadmap as well as to maintain the UK’s international prominence in scientific research.

With a PhD from the University of California, Allaine’s prior research and teaching in political science (quantitative & qualitative) and feminist analysis has given her further expertise in issues related to culture, identify and global inequalities, fields in which she has published extensively. As a researcher at Oxford University’s International Gender Studies Centre (Lady Margaret Hall) until 2018 and Central European University (until 2014), she researched the oftentimes nuanced ways such issues play out in regions outside of Western democracies, (in LMICs and in the Global South in particular). Her extensive interdisciplinary research expertise informs her engagement at the Turing, especially in the areas of digital human rights, RRI, EDI and research ethics.