James is Director of Research Engineering at the Institute. His work focuses on ensuring that scientific software meets the highest standards of software architecture and quality assurance.

He was previously Director of the Research Software Development Group at UCL

He has worked with researchers in many fields – from DNA whodunit software, modelling the future of the UK electricity network, and analysis of ancient Mesopotamian texts to computational fluid dynamics in brain blood vessel networks. A founding chair of the UK Community of Research Software Engineers, James is a Fellow of the Software Sustainability Institute, and has advised BBSRC, JISC, and EPSRC on research software issues.

James has a PhD in computational particle physics from Cambridge, and has extensive computational research experience, including developing systems for multiscale modelling in physiology with the DTI Beacon Project and new tools for extreme scale computing with the CRESTA EU FP7 Exascale project.

In addition to his academic experience, he has industrial research software engineering experience, and was senior developer in the Model Management Group at The MathWorks, makers of MATLAB.