George Balston

George Balston


Programme Co-Director, Defence and Security


George Balston is Programme Co-Director, Defence and Security at The Alan Turing Institute. He leads a portfolio of work applying data science and artificial intelligence to national security, cyber security, and defence challenges, working closely with national and international partners. Prior to joining the Turing, George worked within UK Government as a Researcher, Data Scientist, and Technical Lead, focused on researching, developing, and deploying new analytical capabilities.

George is an Associate Fellow at the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI), and an Honorary Research Fellow at UCL. He is a member of the Royal Society working group on Privacy Enhancing Technologies, and advises the UK Government on the implications of emerging technologies to national security.

George’s research interests include human language technology, privacy technology, and Government innovation, and he has presented novel research in such areas at international government conferences. He holds a first class degree in Music.