Dr Jane Cavanagh

Jane Cavanagh


Programme Manager


Jane is the Programme Manager for the AI Standards Hub, currently working with the British Standards Institution and the National Physical Laboratory. She is responsible for partnership maintenance and development, planning, finances, evaluation, risk assessment and probity in public reporting. For the past 7 years she was involved in high level administration management in two Institutes (Child Health and Global Health) at UCL.

Jane studied Geography as a mature student at Exeter University where her doctoral research focused on the powerlessness of various groups of “Others” in rural planning processes. This elevation of principles of social justice led Jane’s subsequent work in the emerging field of Widening Participation to higher education. At Plymouth University she coordinated internal and complex external partnerships across sectors in the South West, personally gaining two HEIST gold awards for campaigning and innovative project evaluation. Ostensibly taking a career break to pursue postgraduate study in Social Psychology in Australia, Jane was head hunted to be Director of Widening Participation at Western Sydney University. From that position she grew a new department of 2 staff to a team of 19 gaining sector leading status and $30 million of government funding for the University and Partnership working. She also led and managed a multi-University and private sector flagship partnership programme – Bridges to Higher Education. The project embraced over 80 individual projects for a period of 3 years and was subsequently evaluated by KPMG as being successful, achieving high impact and providing outstanding value for money with a return of $6 of value for every $1 of input.