Adrian Stetco obtained a BSc in Computer Science from West University of Timisoara (Romania) in 2009, an MSc in Machine Learning from Johannes Kepler University (Austria) in 2012 and a PhD in Unsupervised Machine Learning from the University of Manchester in 2016. During his PhD he became interested in applications of data science to finance and attended summer schools in Switzerland and Spain. As a postdoc he researched machine learning applications for wind energy and healthcare, published extensively at major conferences, and won the Researcher2Innovator grant offered by the Masood Enterprise Centre for young entrepreneurs. His current research includes recommender systems leveraging graph theory, with applications to public procurement.

Research interests

Adrian’s current research focuses on novel architectures for Recommender Systems in public procurement. Given its ex-post nature, an important limitation of observed procurement data is the absence of bidding participation knowledge. To solve this survivorship bias problem, he developed a generator of tripartite networks (modelling suppliers, contracts and buyers) for benchmarking.