Anna Freni Sterrantino



Senior Research Associate


Anna Freni Sterrantino joined The Alan Turing Institute in June 2021 as a Senior Research Associate in the Shocks and Resilience project. Her work focuses on developing new theory and methods for understanding causality and dynamics in complex interconnected systems under conditions of uncertainty.

Her background is in Spatio-Temporal Bayesian modelling and in environmental epidemiology. After completing her PhD in Methodological Statistics from the University of Bologna, she held postdoc positions at the Environmental Health Agency (Italy) and at the Small Area Health Statistics Unit  (Imperial College London).  

In addition to her academic research, Anna is a certified coach (ILM Level 5) and collaborates with the Imperial Postdoc centre to promote women in science. She is also the Program Chair at the International Society for Applied Bayesian (ISBA) Section on Biostatistics and Pharmaceutical Statistics.