Dr Emma Karoune

Photo of Emma Karoune


Senior Community Manager for Turing-RSS Health Data Lab & DECOVID


Emma works as a Senior Community Manager for the Turing RSS Lab and the DECOVID project. She is a core contributor to The Turing Way (an open-source community-led guide to reproducible research), and a member of the Bookdash planning committee, helping to build resources and training for other researchers. 

Emma is a specialist in Archaeobotany with a PhD from the Institute of Archaeology, University College London, and as well as her role at The Alan Turing Institute, Emma is the Principal Investigator on the FAIR Phytolith Project with Historic England and Universitat Pompeu Fabra funded by EOSC Life. She is also involved in a project to develop the use of phytolith research in British archaeology by developing a comprehensive and open reference collection. Emma writes a blog called The Open Archaeobotanist and regularly gives talks about her open archaeological work.

Emma is a Software Sustainability Institute Fellow focusing on promoting a more accessible and inclusive research culture. She is also working with Elixir-UK as a FAIR Data Stewardship Training Fellow to develop training resources for FAIR data management.  Emma works closely with the Open Life Science Programme as a mentor and expert. 

All of her research and community building embraces an Open Scholarship approach in which she is striving to develop more open and sustainable research practices within her discipline and beyond.