Dr Marion Oswald

Picture of Marian Oswald


Senior Research Associate, Safe and Ethical AI


Marion Oswald is a lawyer with over 30 years’ experience spanning several contexts: law firms, international technology businesses, central government including national security, academia, and oversight functions.  She researches the interaction between law and digital technology, with a particular interest in the human rights, ethics and use of data analytics within policing and intelligence agencies. 

Marion works in the intersection between practice, policy and academia, and her research has made distinctive contributions in respect of privacy, fair decision-making and AI and the way that data is acted upon by the public sector.  She chairs the West Midlands Police & Crime Commissioner and West Midlands Police data ethics committee and is a member of the New Zealand Police independent advisory panel on emerging technologies. 

She is an Associate Fellow of the Royal United Services Institute, a member of the National Statistician's Data Ethics Advisory Committee, and from July 2021, Specialist Adviser to the House of Lords Justice and Home Affairs Committee advising the Committee on its inquiry into new technologies and the application of the law.  She has been appointed to the independent Advisory Board of the Centre for Data Ethics and Innovation, a government expert body focused upon the trustworthy use of data and AI.  She is Associate Professor in Law at Northumbria University.