Valeria Vitale is a researcher in the field of digital cultural heritage. Prior to joining the Turing, she worked as digital curator at the British Library for the Locating a National Collection project, and was part of the Pelagios Investigative Team from 2017 to 2020, as Education Director. She is currently the Chair of the Pelagios Network Association, and a Research Fellow of the Institute of Classical Studies in London. Valeria has extensive experience in training humanities students and academics in the use of semantic and spatial technologies. Her research interests lie in historical gazetteers, linked open data, 3D visualisation of cultural heritage, and the history of (mostly ancient) cities. She truly enjoys writing documentation.

Research interests

At the Turing, Valeria works as Research Associate on the Machines Reading Maps project. She will focus on the semantic enrichment of digital map collections, and will facilitate the engagement of different scholarly communities with the data extracted during the project, and their possible research applications. She will also curate the project’s documentation, in order to make Machine Reading Map’s tools, methods, and data more open and re-usable.