Professor Cecilia Mascolo

Professor Cecilia Mascolo


Professor of Mobile Systems, University of Cambridge

Former position

Turing Fellow

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Cecilia Mascolo is Full Professor of Mobile Systems in the Computer Laboratory, University of Cambridge, UK. Prior joining Cambridge in 2008, she has been a faculty member in the Department of Computer Science at University College London. Her research interests are in human mobility modelling, mobile and sensor systems and networking and spatio-temporal data analysis.  

Research interests

At The Alan Turing Institute, Professor Mascolo hopes to research on aspects related related to interpretation and inference of mobile and wearable sensor data efficiently on devices, on how to make sense of this kind of data in ways which respect its fine grained spatial and temporal granularity. She hopes then to look at how to use the interpretation to improve systems and interventions for users. Her research is highly interdisciplinary and applications of this research will span various other disciplines like, to name a few, urban data science, mobile health and organisation analytics.