Professor Eric Meyer

Professor Eric Meyer


Senior Fellow, University of Oxford

Former position

Turing Fellow

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Eric T. Meyer’s work focuses on shifts in work, knowledge creation, and interactions when digital technologies replace their previously non-digital counterparts. His research in this area has included studies of data sharing in dementia research, the use of digital images in biology, digital information practices in the sciences, social sciences, arts and humanities, and uses of web archive data. He is currently leading research on automation and computerisation in the health sector.

Research interests

He has three main interests that he plans to develop further as part of the Turing. First, the ability to detect emerging research areas and disciplines using novel techniques related to mining published material, such as journals and scanned books, but also web archives such as those held at the British Library. Second, he is leading research on automation in the health sector to better understand tasks in primary care, and then build models that will help understand the potential for automation. The third area is blockchain as it relates to art, working with art organisations around protecting artists’ intellectual property rights, enhancing their financial security, and dealing with complex artists’ estates.